We cover film production from beginning to end. We lead all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. A concept, research and story are key to making a solid good quality product. We pride ourselves on merging the creative aspects of production to the business and logistical management of a smooth running work plan.


The South African cinema market is currently expanding; we are seeing more local films being screened by Ster-Kinekor, Nu-Metro and private movie houses. Cinema in South Africa is growing to compete with the likes of big Hollywood blockbusters. There are organisations in SA that provide funding for local movies. The market is filled with filmmakers with underdeveloped scripts. We will take on a good script and see it through to completion. We will then develop the film until it is ready for the fundraising and funding stage.

Once this is completed, we will pull together a full crew and carry out pre-production, production and post-production. Once the film is completed, we will begin the distribution and selling phase, which is crucial to success. Many filmmakers are involved in the creative aspect but lack knowledge on the business side. This is where we come in and provide an all-round production service to up and coming filmmakers.


Documentaries have a massive global market. Documentaries from South Africa are in high demand in the overseas market. In the current standing, foreigner nationals come into our country and film our content to be broadcast all over the world. We have highly skilled filmmakers in the country that have the capability to create excellent documentaries and sell them to big stations all over the world. There is nobody better than South Africans to tell South African stories in an authentic way.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between local documentaries and the International market. We will develop a concept, conduct research and draft scripts to drive the pre-production structure. We conduct all planning associated with a documentary to create a productive shoot process with maximum coverage. Once completed, we will create a marketing package for the film and carry it through to acquisition.


There is an emerging market for short films from all over the world. South Africa has many stories to tell and the world is our stage. We specialise in every aspect of filmmaking from Production, Pre-Production, Budgets and scheduling, Artist Management, Crew hiring, production management, production supervision and all other aspects of pre-production.

When it comes to the production, we have extensive experience in writing, directing, producing, cinematography, sound and post production to completion. We can assist any production to develop a sound plan and execution. We encourage indie filmmakers to develop their skills and tell their storiesin a unique way. Ren10 have indie films that have been accepted by numerous film festivals including the prestigous Festival de Cannnes.


Commercials are a professional production created for a business. We will come up with the commercial concept, this will be pitched to the company. Once a concept is approved, we will compile the budget and begin the pre-production phase. During this phase, we will build a crew, find and lock down filming locations and crew as well as the technical aspects. We will then proceed with the filming process; we will carry out the editing process with consultation, viewings and approvals with the client until such time as the commercial is ready for broadcast.


We have had great success in the arena of music videos. Whether our client is an up and coming artist or an established one, a superior quality cinematic music video can boost one’s music career. Our music videos have been aired on the likes of Channel O, MTV Base and SABC. Our music industry is growing, music production companies and artists alike need good music videos to support their work.