Photography is a perfect tool to capture a moment in time and we cover all of your needs from private events to corporate, conferences and studio style, product, personal photography.


In corporate photography, the website content of a business is paramount. The website is where a prospective client will learn many things about your company including your staff profiles, the services/products you offer, your completed work and testimonials. From an internal aspect, we cover employee profiles, photos of the physical buildings and office spaces, the Company’s machinery and infrastructure. This may be used for a magazine/online feature or printed to be on display.


Event photography crosses business and personal needs. For businesses, product launches, corporate conferences, retreats and team building days can be documented with photography which will boost these activities effectiveness to carry through time. We find that when big corporates are involved, the budget aspect attached to these activities are supported by photography. Photography of Activations serve as proof of execution when clients outsource marketing activities. The photography will assist the Marketing Company and the client to amplify marketing activities by using the photography on their website and social media. We can also do pre-activation photography and media releases to create hype in anticipation of the marketing activation.


Product Photography is a crucial element to any business. We capture high-resolution professional photography of products/give-aways, which will then be used by our clients. These photographs are used for online retail, retail, website presence, social media and company portfolio. We also take it a step further to merge photography work with graphic design to create marketing materials to support marketing activities.


Individual clients mark special moments in their lives with a celebration or get-together with loved ones. Photography captures your special day and keeps those memories in a capsule to be cherished and reminisced over for a lifetime. We bring a professional and sentimental aspect to any event with a unique photographic perspective whether we cover a wedding, baby shower, birthdayor engagement.


Photography is the perfect capturing tool which we use to immortalise special moments in one’s life or even to advance one’s career in the chosen career in the arts. We have a creative and fluid approach when capturing personal photography which spans across modelling portfolios, couple’s photography, new born shoots, artistic shoots, album covers, book covers and much more.