Videography is a key element to telling a story. Whether you would like to capture an event, demonstration or an artistic concept, we use our expertise in cinema and television to give you a unique superior quality video you can be proud of.


There are two major aspects of video production presence in the corporate sector. The first is event videography, which spans across corporate events such as conferences, retreats, launches and activations. These videos can be used internally or for marketing use online. The second aspect of corporate videography comes in play when a business wants to capture the essence of the company and its staff to make the company more approachable and understandable to a prospective client or the public. This is the new wave of corporate South Africa.

Personalised VIDEOGRAPHY

Personalised Event Videography covers the private and public sectors. We use our vast background in cinema and television to provide our clients with superior quality videos. The private videography sector is largely diverse. We marry the creative aspect to high quality filming to make any project a cinematic chapter captured for you to keep forever. Private sector videos cover wedding videos, engagement proposals, gender reveal parties, birthday parties and much, much more.